Azure Race Propeller 5045 (Nylon Glass Fiber)


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FPV racing is all about speed, so from the start of designing this propeller,
we took special consideration of Fluid Mechanics. The new blades are designed
with a curved shape. What’s more, we rebuilt the blade shape, angle of attack , while considering different rotational speeds, to balance,
lift and drag for an excellent combination. Comparing to most other props,
there is a reduction in overall power consumption, which in turn raises the
over efficiency.

Extreme Durability

We have taken durability to a new level. Starting over from the
ground up, we have designed a propeller-like no other, using a new
blend of materials that focus on durability and performance.


The brand-new Azure power 5045 Race prop brings a smooth and responsive feel,
which guarantees precise performance while flying in a high speed. The changes
are most noticeable in extreme cornering, decelerating and changing of direction.

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