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The Rite Wing Drak is a visually stunning and durable remote control (RC) airplane
design that’s capable of extremely stable and energy efficient flight.

This aircraft was designed as a high performance platform for any use:
the typical RC enthusiast, first-person view (FPV), or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

When designing the Drak, we had one mission in mind: to give the average
person the ability to capture quality video and photographs or scientific data over
an extended geographical area from an unmanned aircraft.
The Rite Wing Drak
Has sufficient cargo space and weight bearing capability to accommodate all of the
electronics and sensors That would be needed for any application. Secret source Motor and ESC included as specified by Ritewing.

High quality materials and components:
Professional grade build quality and workmanship
Extra durable and robust airframe
Carbon fiber and fiberglass sparring system
Highest quality components
Custom CNC aluminum motor mount system
Designed in the USA

Upgradable and Expandable:
Add your choice of autopilot for ease of flight and controllability
Add real-time video transmission for FPV experience
Add FPV goggles or monitor for a full bird’s eye immersive experience

Average flight expectations:
Weight: 4lbs 5oz (FPV gear with no batteries)
Weight: 6lbs 5oz (with FPV gear & 10,400 mAh batteries 4S)
Range: 10 to 12 miles
Speed: 38mph – 80mph
Distance: 25 miles round trip

Included in the kit:

  • EPP wings and fuse set
    2 – custom made Cf spars with Glass slip tube sockets
    8-2 mm FG rods for fuse and wing sparring
    2-4 mill coro verts
    2-4 mill coro winglets
    1-2 piece custom made CNC T6 aluminum motor mount with 440 screws and lock nuts
    4 – aluminum hubs with black member nybolt thumb screws
    2 – lengths of 2 mil coro for lids and saddle bay doors
    8 – Delrin wing joiner with four clips with tension o rings
    2 – 2”custom balsa elevons2 – Servos included
  • 1 – ESC included
  • 1 – Motor included

Fully laminated

This Monster has a 1550mm wingspan

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