RiteWing Mini Drak Kit


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Introducing the Mini Drak 40″ wing span forward swept modular wing! Molded in Germany from EPP material with approximately 550 square inches of wing area.

The Mini Drak capitalizes on the success of the full-size Drak, but takes it to a new level by offering a smaller more manageable size which can be configured to meet all your needs.

The mini is not just a scaled-down version of its Big Brother, it has been engineered to provide the same durability and efficiency but also has the ability to adapt to your changing needs.


  • 8    2mm Fiber Glass spars
  • 2    main Carbon fiber slip spars with fiber glass sleeves .
  • 6    piece Coroplast package for lids winglets and vertical stabilizers
  • 2    custom 3/8 x 1 3/4 x 18 balsa control surfaces
  • 1    CNC aluminum motor mount assembly

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